Our story

About us

The Franchini firm has been in the decorative flooring industry since 1950. Over time, we have specialised in the art of fabricating Venetian“terrazzo” floors, designing outstandingly beautiful, top-quality floors in collaboration with first-rate architects. We provide unique products that combine ancient craftsmanship and modern design. Our customers can pick the type of flooring that best suits their needs from a vast variety of marble coming in different colour shades to make each room unique.

Franchini Pavimenti has the technical skills and equipment required for making and restoring authentic "Venetian Terrazzo" floors according to the General Regulations of the Venetian Terrazzo Consortium, which:

  • Selects and brings together the industry’s leading companies operating in Italy;
  • Certifies the quality of floors, from the selection and processing of materials through to the delivery of finished products, protecting customers against counterfeits;
  • Ensures that every associated company operates according to the General Regulations for making and restoring Venetian Terrazzo floors, which have been collected, understood and signed by all members of the Consortium;
  • Constantly monitors the associated companies to ensure the quality of finished products, materials and production processes in general;

Requires every associated company to comply with their obligations towards employees and workers in terms of paying wages, employers' and national insurance contributions, as well as to comply with construction site safety and environmental standards.