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We have been making Venetian floors since 1950
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The elegance of an ancient art made unique by craftsmanship.
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Artistic Flooring and
Venetian-style beaten

Franchini Pavimenti is a company specialising in Venetian flooring. Our floors are made of high quality materials and are manufactured using craftsmanship techniques to create unique and customised surfaces.

A centuries-old legacy:
Franchini Pavimenti and a passion for Venetian floors

Since 1950 we have been involved in artistic flooring of all kinds. Over time, we specialised in the art of ‘battuto’ or ‘terrazzo’ in the Venetian style.

Each floor is designed and manufactured by our master terrazzo workers in cooperation with the best architects and designers in the industry. Each time, we offer an exclusive and unique product: the result of combining ancient craftsmanship and modern design.

We are proud to offer our customers a quality product made with attention to detail and always looking for excellent solutions for both new floor coverings and the renovation and restoration of existing Venetian floors.

We take care of the realisation of Venetian floors according to the needs of our customers, both for interior and exterior environments.

We create Venetian-style floors using marble stones with different grain sizes and light-coloured grounds suitable for modern, minimalist styles or with coloured earths for more classic styles.

We restore worn and damaged Venetian floors. We restore the functionality of the flooring and enhance its original splendour.

The experience gained over the years allows us to determine the period of construction of the floor and to carry out the necessary maintenance and conservation work.

The principles that inspire us



Every floor we make is unique due to its characteristics, and is the ultimate expression of craftsmanship excellence.



The floor is transformed into a work of art: each project is an exclusive creation that takes shape in our hands.



Our Venetian floors reflect the craftsmanship of past generations and the expertise that only years can bestow.



We only use natural materials to preserve the tradition of the Venetian floor without impacting the ecosystem.

From Hellenistic Greece to the present day:
the history of the Venetian Terrazzo

The Venetian-style floor has ancient origins. The first floors of this type date back to Hellenistic Greece (between 323 BC and 31 BC). Only later did the Venetian terrazzo technique spread to Italy, where it was widely used for the decoration of palaces, places of worship and noble villas.

Discover the incredible history this type of floor covering has spanned over the centuries!

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