Restoration of Venetian and antique floors

restauro pavimento alla veneziana

How Venetian floor restoration is carried out

The restoration of the Venetian floor begins with a careful analysis of the current state of the surface. We identify damage, wear and tear and imperfections. Experienced craftsmen then proceed with the cleaning, removing debris and damaged materials. Cracks and imperfections are repaired using suitable materials. The surface is then sanded and polished to restore its original lustre. The end result is a restored floor that retains its former splendour and authenticity.

What materials we use

  • Cement or lime
  • Marbles: Artisans try to find marbles that are similar or identical to the original ones to ensure visual continuity.
  • Natural pigments: Natural pigments are used to create colours that match the original appearance of the floor. These pigments are mixed with lime or other binders to achieve the exact hues or particular shades required by the restoration project.
  • Graniglie and Cocciopesto: Marble grits or cocciopesto (a mixture of brick dust and lime) are used to create the characteristic granular texture of Venetian floors. These materials also contribute to the durability and strength of the floor.

Craftspeople often use traditional tools such as a terrazzo shovel, spade or pile driver, terrazzo trowel, column or roller, spirit level, trowel.

Careful choice of materials and craftsmanship are essential to ensure that the restoration of a Venetian floor is as faithful as possible to the original in terms of appearance, structure and durability.

restauro pavimenti alla veneziana e pavimenti antichi
restauro pavimenti alla veneziana e pavimenti antichi

What to consider before starting the restoration of a Venetian floor

Before starting the restoration of a Venetian floor, it is essential to make some assessments:

  • Determine the period of construction of the floor in order to understand its historical context.
  • Identify the materials used, paying particular attention to the type of binder, which may be lime or cement.

After dealing with these assessments, we will go on to prepare an intervention that respects the historical characteristics of the floor and to use appropriate, preferably original, materials, equipment and techniques. To achieve an aesthetically correct and consistent result, we will also avoid the use of materials and techniques that are incompatible with the nature of the floor materials. In this way, even if it will be impossible to reproduce the same seeding or the same present texture, we will still be able to preserve the authenticity of the existing pavement.

If you would like to bring an antique Venetian floor back to life, do not hesitate to contact us for further information and a customised quote.

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