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pavimento classico alla veneziana in sala museale - edificio pubblico

Our Story

Initially, in 1950, our company was engaged in the production of flooring and finishes of various kinds. Over time, the company has specialised in the creation of ‘terrazzo’ or ‘battuto’ in the Venetian style, an age-old art form that we have perfected over the years by working in collaboration with the best architects and designers.

We carry on the techniques handed down from generation to generation, and use them to create Venetian floors of exceptional beauty and quality. We are proud to continue this tradition, carrying on the legacy that has been left to us with passion and commitment.

Each floor we make is a handcrafted product, so it is different from any other. It is the result of an ancient technique fused with modern design. It is a blank canvas, ready to be transformed into a tailor-made masterpiece that fits perfectly into any environment.

Our working philosophy


At the heart of every project is an uncompromising commitment to the finest materials. Every detail is carefully selected to ensure that all our floors are special in every way. Our dedication to quality has always been our hallmark.


Every floor we make or restore is the result of the finest craftsmanship and profound expertise. Our experience is reflected in every Venetian floor we create, bringing with it the history and art of past generations.


The choice of using natural materials and sustainable processing methods is guided by respect for tradition and awareness of our impact on the Earth. Our production is designed to promote the circular economy.


The floor is moulded by the hands of passionate craftsmen faithful to the tradition of the ancient terrazzo masters. In our Venetian floors you will find a passion for excellence, a love of art and a commitment to creating floors that not only decorate, but excite.

terrazzaro che crea un decoro per pavimentazione alla veneziana

Tradition and art: a mission handed down from generation to generation

Our terrazzo masters work with precious materials such as White Carrara marble, Breccia Aurora, Nero d’Ebano, Rosa di Verona, Giallo di Siena, Rosso Levanto and many others.

Today, in an ever-changing world, the ‘terrazzo alla veneziana‘ remains a constant, a beacon of tradition and beauty. Thanks to the master terrazzo workers, this tradition lives on. It is not simply a profession, but a mission to preserve a precious part of history.

How a
Venetian floor

The Venetian terrazzo is a handcrafted product made by a terrazzo maker with skilful gestures that go back a long way. It is never based on a rigid plan, but is the result of the skill and imagination of a man who chooses marble fragments of various colours and sizes and combines them with great skill. These marble fragments inserted in the ‘stabilitura‘, largely composed of ‘cocciopesto‘, complete the colour, which will have a background of antique gold shades.

The Venetian-style terrazzo features bands and counter-bands in contrasting colours, figurative decorative corners and ornamental details executed with carefully selected marble flakes in shape and colour.
The beating of the ‘terrace’ is carried out by hand, while the rolling is completed with heavy rollers that press the artefact. Sanding and polishing are performed by machine and with vegetable oils.

The varied composition of this floor facilitates the camouflage of dirt, and the absence of joints facilitates cleaning. These factors allow the aesthetic qualities of Venetian floors to be maintained over time.

pavimento alla veneziana in stile moderno - ambito privato

Our Services

Our many years of experience have enabled us to develop a range of services aimed at satisfying customer needs, both in the public and private sector.

Creation of Venetian floors

We create Venetian floors using the best craftsmanship techniques and top quality materials, respecting the client’s requirements and the environments in which we operate.

Restoration of antique floors

Through restoration and renovation of Venetian floors, we restore the floors of villas, palaces, porticoes, public spaces in general and private homes to their original splendour.

Maintenance and conservation treatments

We help preserve the historical heritage through maintenance and conservative restoration of Venetian floors.

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