Kneaded Granulatino

pavimento granulatino

The characteristics of kneaded granulatino flooring

Granulatino impastato differs from seminato alla veneziana in that the granules are less than 5 millimetres in diameter. It is a floor combining the strength and versatility of marble granules. It is mixed with cement or lime and marble dust. This fusion of high-quality materials allows us to create a floor covering that offers many advantages that go far beyond the aesthetic aspect.

A flooring that can be placed anywhere

The kneaded granulatino is distinguished by its sober, elegant and minimalist appearance. This makes it a versatile and reliable choice that can be used in a wide range of environments. Its strength and aesthetics make it suitable for a variety of situations: it can be realised practically anywhere.

pavimento museo in granulatino impastato pavimento alla veneziana

Our flooring

We have specialised since 1950 in the creation and laying of artistic floors and Venetian floors in accordance with the tradition handed down by the terrazzo masters.