Venetian sown

pavimento alla veneziana

Seminato alla veneziana: An elegant tribute to history

The Venetian screed is a majestic testimony to the rich history and artistry in the world of flooring. This ancient technique has been handed down from generation to generation and is now appreciated worldwide for its beauty and versatility.

If you are interested in this type of floor, find out more about our manufacturing process and our services for making and restoring Venetian floors.

The versatility of Venetian sowing

One of the most fascinating characteristics of Venetian sowing is its versatility. This floor can be applied in a wide range of environments, offering an aesthetic and durable solution for many different needs.

Its beauty makes it ideal for any type of context: for private residences and commercial or public spaces, for restaurants, cafés and more. Whatever the context, this flooring can add a special touch to the environment, as well as ensuring high strength and durability.

pavimentazione alla veneziana
pavimento alla veneziana abitazione privata

Venetian floors: our achievements

With a tradition spanning over seventy years, Franchini Pavimenti is a benchmark in the creation of Venetian floors, with a deep respect for tradition and a commitment to excellence.

In private contexts, we have transformed homes, villas and flats into spaces characterised by timeless elegance. Our portfolio of realisations is a tribute to the art of Venetian flooring and the attention to detail that sets us apart.

Our flooring

We have specialised since 1950 in the creation and laying of artistic floors and Venetian floors in accordance with the tradition handed down by the terrazzo masters.